Revd Roselyn Ranti Majek

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Her works In the UK since 1994 includes but not exclusive: She served as Non-Executive Director, Chair, Board of Directors on many Institutions such as Professional Body’s, British Association of Social Worker – BASW, Management Committee Member on England Community Health Council, NHS Trusts, Education Forum, Housing and Tenants Association Company Secretary, School Governor, Students, Nurses and Social Workers Representative and Advocate, Local Authority Trained and Nominated Civic and Faith Group Leader, Political Activist since 1995 to date.

She runs Capacity Building Services in collaboration with the Government to engage Private Sectors, NGOs, Faith Groups and BME Citizens In Diaspora in UK and Overseas.

She is a Qualified Advanced Health and Social Care Practitioner, International Community and Services Development Specialist, Humanitarian and Political Activist, Certified Trainer, Certified Vocational Programme Assessor, Personal and Professional Mentor, Executive Coach, Cultural and Spiritual Empowerment for BME Citizens in Diaspora.

Revd Roselyn is the Founder and Senior Minister of Divine Restoration Ministries Inc. DRCCG UK, An Outreach Ministry for Prayer, Healing, Deliverance from Oppression, Spiritual Empowerment and Life Transformation for Christians and None Christians in London.

She lead a General Management Consulting Firm – RENIXGI in UK; which Provides Capacity Building and Community Engagement To Charities, Churches and Social Enterprises on Compliance and Good Governance, Management and Leadership Programmes, Strategic Planning, Coordination, Workforce Development, Fundraising, Tenders and Contracts Applications for Corporate Organizations, Charities, Business Start Up, Policies Development/Updates; Networking and Partnership Working, Internship, Work placement, Volunteering For Skills Acquisitions, Graduates and Professionals Mentoring, Leaders and Executive Coaching.
She founds and chair a Constituted Charity, LRCS-Action Against Abuse, Violence, Inequalities and Poverty in 1995 to help Tackles all forms of Violence Against Girls, Women, Young People and Vulnerable Adults in UK. She run workshops and seminars on General Wellness, Mental Health Promotion, Sexual Health Education, Sexually Transmitted Infection Awareness; Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy, Parenting Wisdom and Empowerment, Knives and Guns Crime Preventions and Interventions, Youth Corrective Actions for Better Life, Immigration matters, religion, cultural and spiritual empowerment.

She Campaigns Mental Health Wellness of Children, Youth and Young People, Prevent Family Disruption and Separation, Facilitates Positive Parenting Skills and Befriend Young People; Early Intervention of Mental Illness.

Operates a Referral System and Work in collaboration with the NHS, Professional Bodies, Students Union, Local Schools, Colleges, Universities, Faith Communities.
Revd Roselyn Ranti Majek Advocate and Represents clients, their families, colleagues and organizations in court or professional tribunals.
She is working behind the scenes holistically to transform the life of citizens and look forward to working with the government agencies, the church leaders, politicians, philanthropists, businesses and community leaders to reinstate integrity, trust, unity, safety and security, protection and safeguarding, freedom, economics, sustainability and quality of life for all.
She is married with children and grandchildren.

A non-profit organization made up of cause-based staff and volunteers striving against Abuse, Violence, Inequalities and Poverty to help Tackles all forms of Violence Against Girls, Women, Young People and Vulnerable Adults in UK.


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